Jake Curtis

“Unapologetic love for the Blues”

Jake’s playing style is heavily influenced by the music he grew up listening to. At the age of 7, Jake found himself obsessed with the album, “John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers featuring Eric Clapton”, and as he would say, “It was all downhill from there”.

That led to weekly trips to the public library to find as many blues records as he could. These days you can find Jake Stationed at Jefferson Barracks in South City St. Louis by day, and by night stationed at places like Hammerstone’s and The Broadway Oyster Bar.

Jake Curtis also fronts the, “National Blues Museum Jam Band”, and can be found on Washington Street leading the jam at the Museum every Thursday starting at 6:00.

A self-avowed “gear nerd,” Curtis plays Strats, Teles, and Les Pauls but he admits to a preference for Fender amps.